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Assam Police Gk question and answer/ part-28

Assam Police Gk question and answer
Assam General Knowledge Quize
20 Most Important General Knowledge
For All Competitive Exam

01) Which are two World Heritage State in Assam ?

Answer: Kaziranga, Manas

02) Which is the popular seasonal festival of the Bodos ?

Answer: Bwisagu

03) When was the Assam State Established ?

Answer: 1992

04) Which district was separated from Assam and given to Pakistan in 1947 ?

Answer: sylhet

05) When was Nagaland separated from Assam ?

Answer: 1963

06) When British annexed Assam ?

Answer: 1826

07) In which year Guwahati University was established ?

Answer: 1948

08) Gibon Wildlife Sanctury is located at ?

Answer: Jorhat

09) When was the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre established ?

Answer: 1970

10) Who directed the film “Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai” ?

Answer: Jahnu Barua

11) In which year the Ahom Kingdom was established ?

Answer: 1228

12) In which year “Asom Sahitya Sabha” was funded ?

Answer: 1917, Jorhat.

13) “Rang Ghar” was constructed during the reign of ?

Answer: Parmatta Singha.

14) Who is the writer of the novel “Mamare Dhara Tarowal Aru Dukhan Upanyasa”

Answer: Mamoni roysom Goswami

15) How many kings do you have during the Ahom Period.

Answer: 40

16) Which one is known as “Tea City of India”

Answer: Dibrugarh.

17) The Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) was established in which year ?

Answer: 10 Feb, 2003.

18) The first non-government College of Assam is ?

Answer: J.B. College, Jorhat.

19) Which city is known as “The Cultural Capital of Assam” ?
Answer: Jorhat.

20) The first Railway line in Assam was established in the year ?

Answer: 1881.



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