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Assam Police Best Gk questions/ part:-38

Assam Police Best Gk question,
GenAssameral Knowledge Quize 15 Most Important General Knowledge
For All Competitive Exam.

01) Who among the following is known as deshratna? 

(a) Dr bhim Rao Ambedkar 

(b) Pt . jawaharlal nehru 

(c) Dr  Rajendra Prasad 

(d) Chittaranjan Das 

ans:-  (d) Chittaranjan Das

02) Who was the last governor _ General  of free India? 

(a)  Lord Mountbatten 

(b) Lord Wavell 

(c) William Bentinck 

(d) Rajagopalachari 

ans:- (d) Rajagopalachari

03) Who gave the salong `Do or Die"? 

(a) Subhas Chandra Bose 

(b) Pt. jawaharlal Nehru 

(c) Lala Rajpat Rai 

(d) Mahatma Gandhi

ans:- (d) Mahatma Gandhi

04) The highest civilian award of india, Bharat Ratna, has been awarded to only tow foreigners so far. one of them is nelson mandela,  the other is_______

(a) Marshal tito 

(b) Mikhail Gorbachev

(c) Abdul wali khan 

(d) Abdul Graffar Khan 

ans:- (d) Abdul Graffar khan 

05) Hargobind Khorana became famous fore his work on______

(a) Nucleic acids

(b) Proteins 

(c) Genes

(D) Herediry

ans:- (c) Genes

06) The home Rule Movement was stareted in Madras in 1916 by _______

(a) T. Prakasan 

(b) Mahatma Gandhi 

(c) Annie Beasant

(d) C. Rajagopalachari 

ans:- (c) Annie Beasant

07) Sardar Vallabhbhai petel is rimember as_____

(a) The first Speaker of the lok sabha 

(b) A sucessful berrister 

(c) One who brought political unity in india 

(d) None of these 

ans:- (c) One who brought political unity in india 

08) Which one of the following saints started Bhakti Movement? 

(a) Ramanand

(b) Ramanuja 

(c) Vallabhacharya

(d) Guru nanak

ans:- (b) Ramanuja

09) Satyajit Ray was famous in the field of _____

(a) Darma

(b) Sitar playing

(c) Shehani playing

(d) Film production

ans:- (d) Film production

10) Congress Khilafat SWaraj Party was Founded by _____

(a) C.R Das and Motilal  Nehru

(b)  C.R Das and S.C. Bose 

(c) Motilal Nehru and Lala Lajpat Rani 

(d) Ras Behari Bose and Manmath Nath Gupta 

ans:- (a) C.R Das and Motilal Nehru

12) Who said , You give   me blood ,I shall give you freedom "? 

(a) C.R Das 

(B) Mahatma Gandhi 

(c) Jawaharlal Nehru 

(d)  Sobhas Chandra Bose 

ans:- (d)  Sobhas Chandra Bose 

13) The khilafat Movement  Was Started by ____ 

(a) Ali brothers 

(b) Dr Zakir hussain 

(c) MohammEad Ali jinnah 

(d) Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed 

ans:- (a) Ali brothers 

13) The leader of the young bengal movement was______

(a) Chandrasekhar Deb 

(b) Dwarkanath tagore 

(c) Ishwar Chandra Vidysagar 

(d) Henry Vivinan Derozio 

ans:- (d) Henry Vivinan Derozio

14) Ramanujan is famous as a great 

(a) Philosopher

(b) Mathematician

(c) Musician 

(d) Poet 

ans:- (b) Mathematician

15) Who did mahatma gandhi consider as his political guru? 

(a) Vinoba bhave

(b) B.G. Tilak

(c) G.K Gokhale

(d) Dadabhai Naoroji 

ans:- (c) G.K Gokhale



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