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GK of Assam-MCQ Series of 15 Questions

GK of Assam-MCQ Series of 15 Questions

Some Most important GK for Assam State Competitive Examination :-

MCQ Series-1

1. How was Assam formerly known?
(A) Vanga (B) Kamarupa (C) Anga (D) Vaishali

2. In addition to Assamese, which other language from the State is included in the Eight Schedule of the Indian Constitution–
(A) Mishing (B) Rabha (C) Tiwa (D) Bodo 

3. Gibon Wild Life Sanctury is located at– 
(A) Guwahati (B) Golaghat (C) Jorhat (D) Tinsukia

4. The Guwahati Tea Auction was establishment in the year–
(A) 1998 (B) 1970 (C) 1959 (D) 1988

5. Which town is also known as Manchester of Assam–
(A) Jorhat (B) Guwahati (C) Sualkuchi (D) Tezpur

6. The Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Limited Industry is located at–
(A) Makum (B) Guwahati (C) Lepetkata (D) Jorhat

7. Which district was separated from Assam and given to Pakistan in 1947?
(A) Chittagong (B) Khulna (C) Sylhet (D) Sholashahar

8. Which state was separated from Assam in 1963?
(A) Nagaland (B) Meghalaya (C) Tripura (D) Manipur

9. When was Mizoram separated from Assam?
(A) 1954 (B) 1972 (C) 1948 (D) 1964

10. Which one was the first capital of Ahom Kingdom in Assam–
(A) Garhgaon (B) Charaideo (C) Jorhat (D) Sivsagar

11. Which is the capital of Assam?
(A) Silchar (B) Dispur (C) Jorhat (D) Dibrugarh

12. When did the British annex Assam?
(A) 1772 (B) 1786 (C) 1805 (D) 1826

13. Which state is to the north of Assam?
(A) Tripura (B) Manipur (C) Meghalaya (D) Arunachal Pradesh

14. Which country is to the west of Assam?
(A) Burma (B) Cambodia (C) Bangladesh (D) Spain 

5. Which is the highest point in Assam?
(A) Chenghehishon (B) Guru Peak (C) Doda Betta (D) Himagiri

This is very useful for All types of Competitive Examination of Assam . We will Update the Next MCQ Part Shortly.