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Assam Ahom History General Knowledge MCQ

Assam Ahom History General Knowledge MCQ

Ahom kingdom was established in 1228 when the first Ahom king Sukaphaa came from Mong Mao and entered the Brahmaputra valley, crossing the rugged Patkai mountain range. He crossed the Patkai and reached Namruk (Namrup) on 2 December 1228 and occupied a region on the south bank with the Burhidihing river in the north, the Dikhau river in the south and the Patkai mountains in the east.He befriended the local groups, the Barahi and the Marans, finally settled his capital at Charaideo and established the offices of the Dangarias— the Burhagohain and the Borgohain. In the 1280s, these two offices were given independent regions of control and the check and balance that these three main offices accorded each other was established. 

Here is some Assam Ahom History General Knowledge MCQ

(1) The rule of Ahom kingdom ended with the invasion of
A. Burmese
B. Bengal
C. British
D. Portuguese

(2) Ahom Kingdom was Established in 

A. 1348
B. 1428
D. 1564

(3) Who was First Ahom King 

A. Rudra Singha
B. SivaSingha
C. Sukapha
D. Suseupa

(4) Who was the first Borphukan of Ahom kingdom?
A. Badanchandra Borphukan
B. Lachit Borphukan
C. Langi Panisiya Borphukan
D. Jeuti Borphukan

(5) Which of the following Ahom King dug the Joysagar Tank in memory of his mother Joymoti?
A. Sivasingha
B. Pratap Singha
C. Gadapani
D. Rudra Singha

(6) Which Ahom king was known as 'Dihingia Roja' ?
A. Sukapha
B. Suhungmung
C. Suseupa
D. Sudangpha

(7) Ahoms ruled Assam for how many years?
A. 200
B. 600
C. 100
D. 350

(8) What is Treaty of Asurar Ali?
A. Peace treaty between Burmese and Ahoms
B. Boundary treaty between Ahoms and Sutiyas
C. Peace treaty between Ahoms and Mughals
D. None of these.

9) Which Ahom King planned to invade Bengal?
A. Rudra Singha
B. Siva Singha
C. Sukapha
D. None of these

(10) What is Singarigharutha?
A. Marriage ritual of Ahoms
B. Coronation ceremony of Ahom Kings
C. Death rituals performed to Ahom kings
D. None of these

(11) Who created the post of 'Borphukan' in Ahom Kingdom?
A. Pratap Singha
B. Rudra Singha
C. Siva Singha
D. Sukapha

(12) Who was the last ruler of Ahom kingdom?
A. Jaydwaja Singha
B. Sudingpha
C. Purandar Singha
D. Jogeswar Singha