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Assam GK for DHS Assam Grade IV Exam

Assam GK for DHS Assam Grade IV Exam

Assam GK for DHS Assam Grade IV Exam

1. Who is the only Assamese President of Indian National Congress?
A) Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed
B) Deva Kanta Barua
C) Navakanta Barua
D) Harishankar Brahma

2. Which place is the confluence of three highly revered pilgrimage for the Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist?
A) Bhoju
B) Barpeta
C) Mongoldoi
D) Hajo

3. The Brahmaputra river flows through which countries?
A) India and Bangladesh
B) India, China and Bhutan
C) India, Bangladesh and China
D) India and Bhutan

4. The Brahmaputra river is known by which name in Arunachal Pradesh?
A) Dihang or Siang
B) Dihing or Siang
C) Luit
D) Manas

5. The Barak valley consists of how many districts?
A) 5
B) 7
C) 4
D) 3

6. North East India is connected to the rest of India through a 22 KM long strip of land known as
A) Silk route
B) Steelwell road
C) Darjeeling Corridor
D) Siliguri Corridor

7. The Gauhati High Court was established on
A) 26 January 1950
B) 5 April 1948
C) 15 July 1948
D) 15 April 1947

8. The confluence point of Brahmaputra River is-
A) Indian ocean
B) Bay of Bengal
C) Arabian Sea
D) None of these

9. Every year Ambubachi Mela is held at
A) Maha Bhairab Temple
B) Siva Dol
C) Kamakhya Temple
D) Balaji Mandir

10. Which of the following district is not part of BTAD?
A) Kamrup Metro
B) Udalguri
C) Kokrajhar
D) Baksa

11. "Gogona" the famous musical instrument of Assam is made up of?
A) Teakwood
B) Buffalo horn
C) Bamboo
D) Cane

12.  Which of the following was the first tea company established in Assam?
A) Assam Bengal Tea Company
B) Assam Company
C) Jorhat Tea Company
D) None of these

13. Which of the following is the main crop of Assam?
A) Wheat
B) Mesta
C) Millet
D) Rice

14. Who apparently encountered Assam tea in the year 1823?
A) Maniram Dewan
B) Robert Bruce
C) George Baker
D) Williamson Meggor

15.  Siliguri corridor is known as

A) Duck's door
B) Hen's back
C) Chicken's Neck
D) None of these

16. Which of the following does not belong to the class Assam Silk?
A) Eri silk
B) White Tasar Silk
C) White Paat
D) Golden Muga

17. Name the first and only woman Chief Minister of Assam?

A) Nirupama Gohain
B) Sayeda Anowara Taimur
C) Nalinibala Devi
D) Anuradha Goswami

18. Which of the following is the state tree of Assam?
A) Hollong
B) Sal
C) Mango
D) Tea plant

19.  'Noonmati' is famous for?
A) Copper Reserve
B) Coal Reserve
C) Oil Refinery
D) Sugar Refinery

20.  'Me-dum-Me-Phi' is a famous festival of
A) Bodo
B) Karbi
C) Ahom
D) Mishing

21.  'Ali-Aai-Ligang' a festival of Mishing people is celebrated on the
A) 1st Sunday of 'Sravan' month
B) 2nd Friday of 'Sravan' month
C) 1st Wednesday of 'Phagun' month
D) 2nd Wednesday of 'Phagun' month

22.The oldest cannon inscriptions discovered in Assam belonged to which dynasty?
A) Koch
B) Ahoms
C) Mughals
D) Sutiya

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