Sunday, 8 December 2019

GK Of Assam And India | Most Important GK for Exam

                         MCQ(GK) Of Assam And India

1) 'Sarthebari' town of Barpeta, Assam is famous for which of the following industry?
A) Silk
B) Textile
C) Tea
D) Bell-metal

2) What is the full form of ATC?
A) Assam Tea Corporation
B) Assam Trade Company
C) Assam Tennis Culb
D) None of the above

3) The famous Cement factory of Assam is located at which place?
A) Bokajan, Karbi Anglong
B) Bokaghat, Golaghat
C) Lepetkata, Dibrugarh
D) Aamguri, Sivasagar

4) Who among the following was the first tea planter of India?
A) Robert Bruce
B) Maniram Dewan
C) Krishnakanta Handique
D) None of the above

5) Who among the following was known as an economist and social reformer during the Ahom rule?
A) Lachit Borphukan
B) Badan Borphukan
C) Purnananda Buragohain
D) Momai Tamuli Borbaruah

6) Who was the first Assamese sportsperson to receive the Arjuna award?
A) Bhogeswar Baruah
B) Jayanta Talukdar
C) Abu Nasim
D) None of the above

7) Who represented Assam in the Round table conference of 1937?
A) Bisnuram Medhi
B) Gopinath Bordoloi
C) Bimala P. Chaliha
D) Chandradhar Baruah

8) Which town of Assam was destroyed during the earthquake of 1950?
A) Dhemaji
B) Barpeta
C) Sadiya
D) Hamren

9) What was the original name of 'Asom Sahitya Sabha' before its official registration in 1924?
A) Assam Literature Society
B) Assam Sahitya Sanmilani
C) Assamese Literature Society
D) None of the above

10) In which year the first Assamese film 'Joymoti' was made?
A) 1925
B) 1935
C) 1948
D) 1949

11) The first national level book fair in Assam was held in the year 1984 in which of the following place?
A) Guwahati
B) Jorhat
C) Haflong
D) None of the above

12) When did Bhogeswar Baruah got Arjuna award, becoming the first Assamese sportsperson to get the award?
A) 1978
B) 1966
C) 2000
D) 2005

13) For which of the following product 'Sarbhog' town of Barpeta district is famous?
A) Bamboo products
B) Tea
C) Milk and Milk products
D) Both A and B

1) D
2) A
3) A
4) B
5) D
6) A
7) D
8) C
9) B
10) A
11) A
12) B
13) C