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Previous Year asked questions in Assam Govt Exams

We have started previous questions series for upcoming Assam police Junior Assistant and Constable exam. These questions are very important and repeated in exams. So stay tune everyday to read Assam police related previous papers.

1. In which year Sonitpur District was formed?

  1. 1983.        B) 1984. C) 1985  D) 1982

Answer: 1983

Currently Assam has 33 districts, Majuli is the latest addendum on the list in 2016.

2. From which district, Sonitpur was carved out?

A. Nagaon
B. Kamrup
C. Darrang
D. None of the above

Answer: Darrang

It was split up from Darrang District.

3. Jiabhoroli is a..

  1. River  B. Forest. C. A species of fish
      D. None of these

Answer: River

It is an important tributary of Brahmaputra. Is also known as Kameng in Arunachal Pradesh.

4. Sonai Rupai wildlife sanctuary is located in.

A. Dibrugarh
B. Sonitpur C.Lakhimpur D. Arunachal Pradesh

Answer: Sonitpur. It was established in 1998.

Did you know?
Assam has 18 wildlife sanctuaries.

5. Who is the Govemor of Assam?

A. B.D.Mishra B.Prof. Jagadish Mukhi C. P.S.Sreedharan Pillai D. None

Answer: Jagadish Mukhi.

Did You know?
Article 213 of the Indian Constitution provides ordinance power to the governor.

6. Which of the following countries border Assam?

A. Bangladesh and Nepal
B. Bangladesh and Bhutan
D. Only Bangladesh

Answer: Bangladesh and Bhutan.

7. Which of the following was the first oil driling site in Asia?

A. Taiwan
B. Singapore C. Myanmar D. Assam

Answer: Assam.

In 1901 Digboi oil drilling was started. Digboi is in Tinsukia district.

8. What was the name of the Chinese traveller who visited Kamrupa durin

A. Xuanzang B. Kuwansang C. Ptolemy
D. None of the above

Answer : Fa-hien.

He visited India around 400 A.D during the reign of Chandragupta II Bikramaditya.

Hieun Tsang Visited between 627-643 A.D during the reign of Harshavardhana.

Samudra Gupta is known as Napoleon of India.

9. How many years Ahoms ruled in Assam?

A. 400 years B.500 years
C.600 years
D.700 years

Answer: 600 years.

10. Who was the first king of the Ahom kingdom?

A. Chao-lung- Suka-phaa
B. Sukhrungphaa
c.suhungmung D. Rudra Singho

Answer: Sukapha . He established Ahom kingdom in 1228 A.D.

During the reign of Suhungmung first Mughal Invasion took place by Turbak Khan.

RUDRA SINGHO was the son of Gadadhar Singho.

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16 May, 2020


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