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APSC General Studies Paper 2013- Download MCQ with Answers

APSC General Studies Paper 2013

Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) Combined Competitive Examination (CCE) Prelims 2013 General Studies (Series A) Question Paper with solution. The General Studies question paper of APSC 2013 Preliminary examination contains 100 questions. 

1. Which one of the following is not included in the state list in the constitution of India?
A. Criminal Procedure Code
B. Police
C. Law and order
D. Prison
Answer: A 

APSC General Studies Paper 2013- Download MCQ with Answers

2. The Rajya Sabha has exclusive jurisdiction in
A. Creation and abolition of States
B. Approving a proclamation of emergency
C. the election of the Vice President
D. authorizing Parliament to legislate on a subject in the State list
Answer: D 

3. Which one of the following is not a part of the Directive Principles of the State Policy?
A. Right against exploitation
B. Right to work
C. Right to education
D. Right to public assistance in the case of unemployment
Answer: A

4. The Sixth Schedule of the Indian Constitution deals with
A. administration of OBC/MOBC population
B. Stat reorganization based on language
C. the provisions for administration of tribal areas in Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram
D. welfare of the SC/ST population
Answer: C 

5. Which one of the following words was not originally included in the Preamble to the  Constitution of India?
A. Sovereign
B. Socialist
C. Secular
D. Republic
Answer: C

6. The President of India does not deny his consent to a Money Bill because
A. it is urgent in nature
B. it is initiated by the Finance Minister
C. it is initiated by the Finance Minister on the recommendation of the President
D. it is initiated in the Lok Sabha
Answer: C 

7. When did the Constituent Assembly of India have its first meeting?
A. December 10, 1946
B. July 18, 1947
C. August 14, 1947
D. August 15, 1947
Answer: A 

8. Fundamental Duties were appended  to the constitution of India by the 42nd amendment on the recommendation of
A. Swarn Singh Committee
B. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Committee
C. K. C. Pant Committee
D. C. D. Deshmukh Committee
Answer: A

9. Ashok Mehta Committee stated that
A. the Zila Parishad should be made responsible for planning at the district level
B. in all States, there shall be a Gram Sabha
C. periodic elections are to be held
D. one-third of the total seats should be reserved for women
Answer: A

10. The division of power between Centre and States is contained in the Constitution of India in the
A. Third Schedule
B. Fifth Schedule
C. Seventh Schedule
D. Eighth Schedule
Answer: C 

11. Which of the following is the legal document created in 1947 that allowed the Princely states to join either India or Pakistan?
A. The Act of Accession, 1947
B. Instrument for Accession
C. Legal Document for Accession
D. None of the above
Answer: B 

12. During national emergency, the President can suspend the judicial enforcement of the Fundamental Rights except the two Articles which are
A. 15, 16
B. 18, 19
C. 20, 21
D. 32, 33
Answer: C

13. Arrange the following President of India in the correct chronological sequence:
I) Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma
II) Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed
III) Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
IV) Giani Zail Singh
Answer: A

14. Which of the following is not a Money Bill?
A. Budget
B. Appropriation Bill
C. Bill seeking Vote on Account
D. Finance Bill
Answer: A

15. The term secular was added to the Preamble of the Constitution of India be the
A. 40th Amendment
B. 41st Amendment
C. 42nd Amendment
D. 43rd Amendment
Answer: C

16. Which Article of the Indian Constitution has empowered the parliament to regulate the citizenship matters?
A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. 11
Answer: D 

17. GSAT-7, the first Indian satellite for defense purpose, was launched from
A. Sriharikota
B. Kourou
C. Baikanour
D. Cape Canaveral
Answer: B

18. UN in its report World Population Prospects, 2012 has noted that Indian will be the world’s largest populated country, leaving behind China, by the year
A. 2022
B. 2028
C. 2035
D. 2050
Answer: B
19. The popular uprising in Assam known as Patharughat Battle took place in the year
A. 1861
B. 1862
C. 1893
D. 1894
Answer: D 

20. In which year, Kaziranga wildlife Sanctuary was elevated to a National Park?
A. 1974
B. 1975
C. 1976
D. 1977
Answer: A (

21. Who was the President of Swaraj Party formed in Assam during the Freedom Movement?
A. Maniram Dewan
B. Vishnuram Medhi
C. Gopinath Bordoloi
D. Tarun Ram Phukan
Answer: D 

22. Name of the Submarine which was destroyed in a major accident in 2013 is
A. INS Sindhurakshak
B. INS Shalki
C. INS Godavari
D. INS Yamuna
Answer: A

23. The famous musician Zubin Mehta was in news recently which had an Indian connection because
A. of his refusal to perform in Israel
B. he is a foreign citizen of Indian origin
C. of a concert in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir
D. None of the above
Answer: C 
24. The ship MV Bingo was drowned due to cyclone Phailin on October 12, 2013. The 18 member crew on board was rescued after 40 hours by
A. Dornier Aircraft CG 970
B. Dornier Aircraft CG 790
C. Dornier Aircraft CG 079
D. Boeing 777
Answer: B 

25. Which of the following has announced its plan to launch the world’s largest solar sail in 2014?
C. European Space Agency
D. Japanese Space Agency
Answer: A

26. Female literacy rate in India as per the Census Data, 2011 stands at
A. 64.6%
B. 70.3%
C. 62.5%
D. 68.2%
Answer: A 

27. In the last one decade, which among the following sectors has attracted the highest foreign direct investment inflows into india?
A. Chemicals other than fertilizers
B. Service Sector
C. Food processing
D. Telecommunication
Answer: B. 

28. Which Indian economist helped create the United Nations Human Development Index?
A. Jagdish Bhagawati
B. Amartya Sen
C. Arvind Panagariya
D. Ashok Desai
Answer: B

29. In India, which one among the following formulates the fiscal policy?
A. The planning Commission
B. The ministry of finance
C. The finance commission
D. The reserve bank of India
Answer: C 

30. The committee that recommended abolition of tax rebate under Section 88 is
A. Chelliah Committee
B. Kelkar Committee
C. Shome Committee
D. None of the above
Answer: B 

31. VAT is imposed
A. Directly on consumer
B. on the first stage of production
C. on the final stage of production
D. on all stages between production and final sale
Answer: D

32. SEBI is a/an
A. statutory body
B. advisory body
C. constitutional body
D. non-statutory body
Answer: A 

33. In Indiam inflation is measured on the basis of
A. Consumer Price Index
B. Wholesale price Index
C. Human Development Index
D. Market Forces
Answer: B

34. The terra-cotta industry in Assam has developed in
A. Goalpara District
B. Barak Valley
C. Dhuburi District
D. Tinsukia District
Answer: C

35. A rise in the general price level may be caused by
A. a decrease in the aggregate level of output
B. an increase in the effective demand
C. an increase in the supply of money
D. (A) and (c) only
Answer: D

36. In single-brand retail, the Government of India has raised FDI limit through FIPB from 49% to
A. 51%
B. 74%
C. 100%
D. None of the above
Answer: C

37. The recommendations of the 13th Finance Commission have been operational for the period
A. 2010-2015
B. 2011-2016
C. 2012-2017
D. None of the above
Answer: A

38. Which of the following statements is correct for the Planning Commission of India?
A. It is not defined in the Indian Constitution.
B. Members and the Vice Chairman do not have fixed working duration
C. Its members do not require any minimum educational qualification
D. All of the above
Answer: D

39. Decentralized planning on the basis of Panchayati Raj institutions was recommended by
A. Ashok Mehta Committee
B. Gadgil Committee
C. Mahalanobis Committee
D. Balwant Rai Mehta Committee
Answer: D

40. The minimum Needs Programme was introduced in the
A. Fourth Plan
B. Fifth Plan
C. Sixth Plan
D. Seventh Plan
Answer: B. 

41. There was a plan holiday in India during
A. 1955-1958
B. 1961-1964
C. 1971-1974
D. None of the above
Answer: D 

42. What was set up in 1950 for conducting large-scale surveys to meet the data needs of the country for the estimation of the national income and related aggregates?
A. The Planning Commission
B. The National Sample Survey
C. The Bureau of Industrial Costs
D. The Central Statistical Organization
Answer: B

43. Which of the following is not correct in respect of the term disinvestment?
A. Reduction of public debt
B. A process of privatization
C. Release of large amounts of public resources locked up in non-strategic public sector enterprise
D. Revival of public sector enterprises
Answer: A

44. Which is the new tax regime proposed to be introduced in the country?
A. GST (Goods Services Tax)
B. VAT (Value Added Tax)
C. Agricultural Income Tax
D. Central Excise
Answer: A

45. The first systematic attempt of economic planning in India was made in the year
A. 1934
B. 1937
C. 1943
D. 1944
Answer:  A

46. The minimum amount of calorie-based definition of poverty in India was accepted in them
A. Fourth Plan
B. Fifth Plan
C. Sixth Plan
D. Seventh Plan
Answer: C

47. Under decentralized planning, a planning committee is set up at which level?
A. Block
B. Subdivision
C. District
D. Gaon Panchayat
Answer: C

48. Which is the largest plain of the world?
A. Siberian Plain
B. Indo-Gangatic Plain
C. The Prairies
D. The Steppe Land
Answer: A 

49.How much percent of the Indian landmass is covered by the State of Assam?
A. 3.39%
B. 2.39%
C. 4.39%
D. 2.93%
Answer:  B

50. Which of the following seas is without a coastline?
A. Black Sea
B. Mediterranean sea
C. Sargasso sea
D. Sea of Azov
Answer: C 

51. Panidihing Birds Sanctuary is located in which of the following districts of Assam?
A. Jorhat
B. Golaghat
C. Sivasagar
D. Dhemaji
Answer: C

52. Arrange the National Parks of Assam correctly in the order of descending size
A. Kaziranga, Manas, Nameri, Dibru Saikhowa, Orang
B. Manas, Kaziranga, Dibru Saikhowa, Nameri, Orang
C. Kaziranga, Manas, Nameri, Orang, Dibru Saikhowa
D. Manas, Dibru Saikhowa, Kaziranga, Orang, Nameri
Answer: B

53. Which of the following cottage industry workers in Assam suffer most due to the paucity of raw material?
A. Brass-smiths
B. Bell metal-smiths
C. Ivory artists
D. Potters and blacksmiths(when it comes to paucity of raw material, ivory industry will be on top).

54. Longloi, Kailajan, Silbheta and Khanbhaman are famous for which of the following resources?
A. Limestone
B. Iron ore
C. Coal
D. Sillimanite
Answer: C

55. The Yandaboo Treaty was signed in 1826 between
A. East India Company and the Ahom King
B. East India Company and the Burmese
C. British Crown and the Ahom King
D. British Crown and the Burmese
Answer: B 

56. Which of the following state does not have an autonomous district?
A. Arunachal Pradesh
B. Meghalaya
C. Mizoram
D. Tripura
Answer: A 

57. The construction of Panama Canal in 1914 eliminated the long and hazardous voyage
A. between North and South America
B. in the stormy Atlantic Ocean
C. round the Cape of Good Hope
D. round the stormy Cape Horn
Answer: D 

58. If the Arctic Ice was somehow replaced with dense forest, which of the following situation may arise?
A. It will decelerate Global Warming.
B. It may or may not affect Global warming.
C. It will accelerate Global Warming.
D. It will have no affect on Global Warming.
Answer: C. 

59. The National Children’s Science Congress (NCSC) is an annual event organized with the purpose of
A. Motivating children to take up scientific research on local specific issues
B. demonstrating presentation of children.
C. popularizing science among the people.
D. taking science to the village.
Answer: A

60. The Shanti Sena Force was formed in Assam during the Independence Movement before
the commencement of the
A. Quit India Movement
B. Civil Disobedience Movement
C. Non-Cooperation Movement
D. Ahom Association
Answer: A

61. The Buranjis are
A. autobiographical writings of the Ahom rulers
B. diaries written by the monarchs
C. chronicles
D. none of the above
Answer: C

62. With respect to investment in the renewable energy sector, the first three ranks are held by
A. India, USA, China
B. China, Japan, USA
C. China, USA, India
D. Japan, China, India
Answer: C

63. The hybrid Indo-Greek art form depicting Buddhist themes is known as
A. Tanjore Art
B. Gandhara Art
C. Pahari Art
D. Kangra Art
Answer: B

64. The title given by the British to M. K. Gandhi which he surrendered was
A. Hind Kesari
B. Kaiser-e-Hind
C. Rai Bahadur
D. Jewel of India
Answer: B (Kaiser-e-Hind)

65. Under the Mountbatten Plan, a referendum in Assam was to be held in the district of
A. Sibsagar
B. Lakhimpur
C. Goalpara
D. Sylhet
Answer: D 

66. The First Session of the Indian National Congress was presided over by
A. W.C. Banerjee
B. B.R. Ambedkar
C. J.L. Nehru
D. Sardar Vallabbhai Patel
Answer: A 

67. The last independent Ahom King was
A. Chandrakanta Singha
B. Kamaleswar Singha
C. Jogeswar Singha
D. Purandar Singha
Answer: D

68. The Constituent Assembly was set up according to the proposal of
A. Mountbatten Plan
B. Wavell Plan
C. Cripps Mission Plan
D. Cabinet Plan
Answer: D 

69. The Gandhara School of Art is a contribution of
A. Asoka
B. Harshavardhana
C. Pulakeshin II
D. Kanishka
Answer: D

70. Sadiya Khowa Gowahin was a
A. Jamindar
B. King
C. frontier officer
D. naval commander
Answer: C

71. Prachya Sasanavali was edited by
A. Dr. Maheswar Neog
B. Dr. Birinchi Kumar Barua
C. Dr. Surya Kumar Bhuyan
D. Alexander Mackezine
Answer: A

72. The king nicknamed as Bhagaraja was
A. Sutiyampha
B. Sutamla
C. Surampha
D. Sunytpha
Answer: C

73. A pioneer lady responsible for forming the Mrityu Bahini in Assam in connection with the freedom struggle of the country was
A. Chandraprabha Saikiani
B. Pushpalata Das
C. Rani Gaidinlieu
D. None of themselves
Answer: B

74. Which one of the following statements is not correct?
A. Civil Disobedience Movement was started based on the issue of salt
B. Dandi March was started from Gandhiji’s Ashram at Wardha
C. Gandhi violated the Salt Laws on April 6, 1930
D. Salt March was widely covered by the European and American press
Answer: B 

75. Who among the following Indian film personalities received Oscar Award?
A. Subhas Ghai
B. Ramananda Sagar
C. Amitabh Bachchan
D. Bhanu Athaiya
Answer: D

76. Bagarumba is a folk dance performed by
A. Garos
B. Bodos
C. Mishings
D. Rabhas
Answer: B 

77. Maidans are
A. elaborate burial tanks of Ahom nobility and kings
B. large fields
C. temples
D. enclosure for sporting activities
Answer: A

78. The Assam Gas Cracker Project at Tengakhat does not have the proposal to produce
A. oxo-alcohols
B. Portland cement and hollow bricks
C. ethylene and propylene
D. polyethylene
Answer: B 

79. Ibn Batuta, the celebrated traveller, visited Assam in the
A. thirteenth century
B. fourteenth century
C. fifteenth century
D. tenth century
Answer: B

80. Rang Ghar was constructed during the reign of
A. Rudra Singha
B. Rajeswar Singha
C. Pramatta Singha
D. Siva Singha
Answer: A

81. The Balkan Plan for fragmentation of India was mooted by
A. W. Churchill
B. M.A. Jinnah
C. Lord Mountbatten
D. V.P. Menon
Answer: C 

82. Which government remained in power in India for the shorted period?
A. Charan Singha Government
B. Chandrashekhar Government
C. Gujral Government
D. Vajpayee Government in 1996
Answer: D 

83. When was Assam Provincial Congress formed?
A. 1920
B. 1921
C. 1922
D. 1923
Answer: B 

84. Gandhiji visited Assam for the first time in connection with the National Freedom Movement in the year
A. 1920
B, 1921
C. 1935
D. 1926
Answer: B 

85. In the series 65, 76, 78, 95, 91, 114, 104, 133, … …. the two missing terms are
A. 152, 117
B. 117, 152
C. 116, 150
D. 150, 116
Answer: B

86. A friend of mine comes to me on every Sunday. For the first time, he came at 12:30, on the next occasion at 1:20, then at 2:30, and next at 4:00. Afterwards he will come to me at
A. 5:20
B. 6:20
C. 5:30
D. 5:50
Answer: D

87. Find out the odd combination out of the following:
A. Japan, Singapore, Australia, England
B. Bhutan, Tibet, Bangladesh, Afghanistan
C. Mumbai, Kochi, Goa, Chennai
D. Guwahati, Ranchi, Patna, Chandigarh
Answer: A 

88. The author of Asomiya Sahityar Buranji is
A. Nathan Brown
B. Jatindranath Duwara
C. Devendranath Bezbarua
D. Gunabhiram Barua
Answer: C

89. The Assam region was separated from the Bengal Presidency in
A. 1874
B. 1889
C. 1861
D. 1826
Answer: A

90. Two of the given three circles have 5 numbers – one inside and four outside. The four outer numbers give the inner number according to some rule. Find the missing number from given alternatives:
7              6               6
3 29 5     5 39 3        7 ? 3
2              4               5
A. 49
B. 51
C. 59
D. 21
Answer:  B 

91. If the first day of a non-leap year falls on Friday, what would be the last day of the year?
A. Saturday
B. Monday
C. Friday
D. Tuesday
Answer: C

92. The illustration work of the medieval Assamese text Hasthividyarnava was done by
A. Suryakhari Daibaigya
B. Sukumar Borkaith
C. Dibar and Dosai
D. Rama Saraswati
Answer: C. 

93. Gohain Kamal Ali from Koch Behar to Narayanpur was constructed during the reign of
A. Nara Narayan
B. Parikshit Narayan
C. Viswa Singha
D. Raghu Dev
Answer: A 

94. The first Ahom Monarch to assume the Hindu title Swarganarayan’ was
A. Siva Singha
B. Pratap Singha
C. Jaydhwaj Singha
D. Suhungmung
Answer: D 

95.The British-made aerodrome at Barnagar, Sarbhog was set ablaze under the leadership of Brajanath Sarma in
A. August 1942
B. August 1842
C. September 1942
D. August 1941
Answer: A

96. The title of the overall administrative head of Lower Assam region during the Ahom Rule was
A. Barkhukan
B. Rajkhowa
C. Borpatragohain
D. Khongea Barua
Answer: A 

97. The first rebellion against the British rule in Assam in 1828 was led by
A. Piyali Phukan
B. Maniram Dewan
C. Gomdhar Konwar
D. Piyali Barua
Answer: C 

98. Which district was separated from Assam and given to Pakistan in 1947?
A. Chittagong
B. Khulna
C. Sylhet
D. Sholashahar
Answer: C 

99. Four persons P, Q, R and S are standing in a row as per their size. Among them, P is taller than Q and S is taller than P but S is smaller than R. Starting from the tallest one, what is the order in the row?
Answer: A 

100. Who is the author of the book, India Against Itself?
A. Dr. Hiren Gohain
B. Dr. Mamoni Roysom Goswami
C. Homen Borgohain
D. Dr. Sanjib Barua
Answer: D